Set a realistic budget at wedding planning

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Your main concern when planning a wedding is to set a realistic budget. If only you do not care about how much money you are spending! The average wedding cost in the United States is more than $20,000. This is still a lot of money just to spend for a day event. But, as said, this is just the average cost for a wedding, and a lot of weddings have bigger budget than this. Your wedding budget is important since this will dictate what you can or cannot do on your big day. The challenge for you is to how you can deal with your wedding budget and stick with it.

A formal wedding in a hotel or some other elegant reception will require you to have a bigger budget than if you are just going to have a wedding in your parents' backyard. It is just normal to spend more for an elegant place since you will be paying for food, music, and other things that are required for the place.

During the busy wedding season, which is during the summer months will also add to your budget. During this time, hotels and other popular destinations for weddings can set a higher amount. If you have decided to get married during this season, make sure that you are ready to pay what they are asking.

The number of guests that you will also invite will affect your budget. More guests mean more people to feed so you will have to calculate your budget to the cost of the food. Calculate this on a per head cost food and drinks basis. And consider the type of catering you will do. Seated dinners are more expensive compared to buffet style dinner.

Where you will get married can also affect your budget. Better do enough research for your wedding location just how you research for bridesmaids gifts since some locations are pricier than others. You may need a bigger budget if you are going to have a wedding in a popular venue like New York. If you are going to have a destination wedding though, the price may still be the same although there is no more competition for the place but there is just the expensive travel cost that will just add to your budget.

Achieving your dream wedding may need compromises even if this means not having everything you wanted. You may still have a little compensation especially when you find your stunning wedding jewelry set. Do not worry much because if you follow your plans and do much wedding planning, your dream wedding even on a budget is possible.

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